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In celebration of the state's bicentennial, the Grouseland Foundation's board of directors has solicited the help of gunsmith Marvin Kemper to recreate an exact replica of the Grouseland Rifle originally crafted by the Indiana Territory's first sheriff, Col. John Small.

The 200-year-old gun, which Grouseland officials believe may have been Small's own personal rifle, has been on display at Grouseland, home to 9th U.S. President William Henry Harrison, since 2004 and was declared the official state gun in 2012 by Gov. Mitch Daniels.

The replica gun, which Kemper expects to have finished by next spring, will travel the country to generate interest in the state's bicentennial until it is auctioned off here in Vincennes in September of 2016. Its stops will include bicentennial celebrations all over the state as well major events like the National Rifle Association's annual convention in Louisville, Kentucky, in May. Read the entire story here.

Learn more about the rifle and its history here.
Lisa Ice-Jones, the Grouseland Foundation's executive director and gunsmoth Marvin Kemper examine the Grouseland Rifle.
Grouseland is very pleased to announce that we are beginning our Historic Structure Report process. We received a matching grant of nearly $32,000.00 from the Jeffris Family Foundation that is committed to quality historic structure restoration throughout the Midwest. This Foundation is excited about helping with this study at Grouseland due to its national significance. The Jeffris Foundation and others like it require comprehensive studies before helping to fund any future restorations. The Board of Directors of the Grouseland Foundation has chosen to hire nationally acclaimed historic preservation architects, Mesick, Cohen, Baker, etal whose offices are in Albany, NY and Williamsburg, VA. They were amazed during their initial visit to Grouseland about all of the outstanding architectural features that were incorporated into this house so early and so far west! We can't wait for them to start their study. If you would like to donate toward this process or in general to Grouseland, mail to 3 W. Scott St., Vincennes, Indiana or donate on-line at grouselandfoundation.org.
Parks and Recreation visited Grouseland on January 20th. Read more.
William Heath, author of William Wells and the Struggle for the Old Northwest will be speaking at the GRC Auditorium on April 15th at 6:00pm. Here is Heath speaking with Grouseland Foundation Board members Shirley Rose and Nancy Lawless prior to Grouseland's Annual Dinner, 2014. At that time Heath spoke about his book Blacksnake's Path, The True Adventures of William Wells. For more information call 812-882-2096. The true history about this man caught between two cultures is fascinating.
Mike Salb of Daviess County admiring the craftsmanship of the John Small Kentucky long rifle reproduction that was made by Marvin Kemper, master gunsmith and second generation gunmaker. Kemper was commissioned by the Grouseland Foundation to make this first ever authorized reproduction of this 1803 firearm that has been the official State rifle of Indiana since 2012. This Indiana Bicentennial year has been the perfect time to share Territorial history, John Small's connection to William Henry Harrison and raise funds to continue the mission and purposes of the Grouseland Foundation. The Foundation exists to preserve this authentic piece of early American history and architecture, national historic landmark and former home of the 9th President of the United States. The reproduction, along with the original rifle are on exhibit at Grouseland, 3 W. Scott St., Vincennes, Indiana. Bids are currently being accepted on gunbroker.com until noon September 5th. (search grouseland rifle). Call Grouseland at 812-882-2096 for additional information. Please share this information with anyone you know who might be interested in owning this rifle and helping Grouseland remain as a house museum for years to come! We are the birthplace of Hoosier hospitality!

Visit here to learn more about the rifle and the auction: August 15th, 2016 through September 5th, 2016.